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prototypes.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Big jumble of prototypes used in Uncrustify.

Ben Gardner GPL v2+
prototypes.h 705 2007-03-04 22:16:24Z bengardner

Definition in file prototypes.h.

#include "uncrustify_types.h"
#include <string>

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void add_char (char ch)
void add_define (const char *tag, const char *value)
void add_keyword (const char *tag, c_token_t type, UINT8 lang_flags)
void add_text (const char *text)
void add_text_len (const char *text, int len)
void align_all (void)
chunk_talign_assign (chunk_t *first, int span, int thresh)
void align_backslash_newline (void)
void align_func_proto (int span)
chunk_talign_nl_cont (chunk_t *start)
void align_preprocessor (void)
void align_right_comments (void)
void align_struct_initializers (void)
static_inline int align_tab_column (int col)
std::string argtype_to_string (argtype_e argtype)
std::string argval_to_string (argval_t argval)
std::string bool_to_string (bool val)
void brace_cleanup (void)
static_inline int calc_next_tab_column (int col, int tabsize)
void clear_defines (void)
void clear_keyword_file (void)
void combine_labels (void)
void do_blank_lines (void)
void do_braces (void)
void do_code_width (void)
void do_parens (void)
argval_t do_space (chunk_t *first, chunk_t *second)
const define_tag_t * find_define (const char *word, int len)
const chunk_tag_t * find_keyword (const char *word, int len)
const chunk_tag_t * find_punctuator (const char *str, UINT8 lang_flags)
void fix_symbols (void)
const chunk_tag_t * get_custom_keyword_idx (int &idx)
const define_tag_t * get_define_idx (int &idx)
const char * get_file_extension (int &idx)
const group_map_value * get_group_name (int ug)
const option_map_value * get_option_name (int uo)
const char * get_token_name (c_token_t token)
pattern_class get_token_pattern_class (c_token_t tok)
void indent_preproc (void)
void indent_text (void)
void indent_to_column (chunk_t *pc, int column)
std::string lineends_to_string (lineends_e linends)
int load_define_file (const char *filename)
int load_keyword_file (const char *filename)
int load_option_file (const char *filename)
void log_pcf_flags (log_sev_t sev, UINT32 flags)
void make_type (chunk_t *pc)
void mark_comments (void)
chunk_tnewline_add_after (chunk_t *pc)
chunk_tnewline_add_before (chunk_t *pc)
void newlines_bool_pos (void)
void newlines_class_colon_pos (void)
void newlines_cleanup_braces (void)
void newlines_cleanup_dup (void)
void newlines_double_space_struct_enum_union (void)
void newlines_eat_start_end (void)
void newlines_insert_blank_lines (void)
void newlines_squeeze_ifdef (void)
static_inline int next_tab_column (int col)
std::string number_to_string (int number)
std::string op_val_to_string (argtype_e argtype, op_val_t op_val)
chunk_toutput_comment_cpp (chunk_t *pc)
void output_comment_multi (chunk_t *pc)
void output_defines (FILE *pfile)
void output_options (FILE *pfile)
void output_parsed (FILE *pfile)
void output_text (FILE *pfile)
void output_to_column (int column, bool allow_tabs)
void output_types (FILE *pfile)
const char * path_basename (const char *path)
void pawn_add_virtual_semicolons ()
chunk_tpawn_check_vsemicolon (chunk_t *pc)
void pawn_prescan (void)
int pf_check (struct parse_frame *frm, chunk_t *pc)
void pf_copy (struct parse_frame *dst, const struct parse_frame *src)
void pf_copy_tos (struct parse_frame *pf)
void pf_pop (struct parse_frame *pf)
void pf_push (struct parse_frame *pf)
void pf_push_under (struct parse_frame *pf)
void pf_trash_tos (void)
void print_options (FILE *pfile, bool verbose)
void print_universal_indent_cfg (FILE *pfile)
void register_options (void)
void reindent_line (chunk_t *pc, int column)
int save_option_file (FILE *pfile, bool withDoc)
void set_option_defaults (void)
int set_option_value (const char *name, const char *value)
void space_add_after (chunk_t *pc, int count)
int space_col_align (chunk_t *first, chunk_t *second)
void space_text (void)
void space_text_balance_nested_parens (void)
void tokenize (const char *data, int data_len)
void tokenize_cleanup (void)
std::string tokenpos_to_string (tokenpos_e tokenpos)
void unc_begin_group (uncrustify_groups id, const char *short_desc, const char *long_desc=NULL)

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